A brief joust with CNN

21 Dec

Sometimes CNN’s front page gets confused, and, at those times, I lend a helping hand.

I realize this isn’t a question, I just thought it was cute that they let Bret Michaels’ mom post something on their front page.

I expect a follow-up tomorrow morning: “Why Doesn’t Bret Michaels Call His Parents More Often? They worry.”

Should the sun rise? Should humanity continue to breath? Should monkeys be dressed up in people clothing and given cigars? Should CNN stop asking obvious questions?

Maybe, but, unfortunately, much in the same way that a high-speed car crash can save you from cancer.

I’m hoping for a Broadway show, possibly followed by a book tour.


One Response to “A brief joust with CNN”

  1. bmj2k December 21, 2010 at 15:09 #

    Man, if you weren’t already doing this feature, I would. CNN makes it almost too easy.

    Long ago, I did “Mr. Know-It-All” blogs, where I would answer questions from advice columns with a very snarky attitude as if it were written by a drunk. Somehow, it just degenerated so that every answer involved anger and sex. Those are still up on the site but I like to pretend they don’t exist.

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