Women vs Pop Culture

16 Dec

The Ties That BindFound strangled to death, with his own tie, three days later.

After my recent post regarding the problems with older films, I got thinking about gender and popular culture.

I choose to believe this is sarcasm.

You mean a woman could shatter it over the edge
of a table and ram the jagged end into your condescending man-bits?

Locating examples of vintage chauvinistic advertising is depressingly easy.

Hard to tell if this is any better than the original ad, which, instead of “wives”, said “black people.”

What’s frustrating, to me at least, is that there seems to be a general assumption that these are relics of some ancient past, and not, say, something our own parents would have commonly seen in magazines lying around the house.
To be fair, that man is happy just to kill ANYONE.

Is it always illegal to be drunk at work? Don’t ask Mr Hobo.

I’m sure glad we’ve moved beyond our chauvinistic past.
Which is more vomit inducing, the ad or the sandwich?Gang-rape is never funny.


3 Responses to “Women vs Pop Culture”

  1. bmj2k December 16, 2010 at 13:32 #

    “Is it always illegal to kill a woman” is cracking me up, but the Van Heusen ad, with the man eating breakfast in bed wearing a crisp shirt and tie is so 1950’s it looks like a parody of the 1950’s.

    I was debating which era ads were worse, and I decided that the modern ads are worse because in the older ones, (except the murder ad), at least the men and women are involved in loving relationships, whereas in the new ones, they are pure sex objects.

    Yet there’s something about that BK ad…

    • JRD Skinner December 16, 2010 at 15:46 #

      Agreed about the Van Heusen ad – I wonder if the tie came with his dress-shirt PJs.

      It’s a fair point about the modern vs older ads, but I find it disturbing how interchangeable the misogynist phrasings are with racist ones.

  2. bmj2k December 17, 2010 at 01:22 #

    “I find it disturbing how interchangeable the misogynist phrasings are with racist ones.”

    I didn’t make that connection but you’re right. I guess maybe it is because they come from the same place and amount to the same thing- a way of elevating the one and devaluing the other.

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