S’more Bears

11 Aug

As the Earth’s staggering climate slowly broils us to death in our own juices, some interesting side-effects are taking place.

Species that were once held apart by weather differences are now able to mingle – in some areas that means a new lunch menu, but, as is the way with nature, it also means a fresh dating pool for lonely four-leggers.

That’s how we get beasties like this:

Grolar BearThe Sun article that I stole this picture from calls it a Grolar Bear, personally though, I’ll stick with Wikipedia’s “grizzly-polar bear hybrid“.

Martell had been hunting for polar bears with an official license and a guide, at a cost of $45,450, and killed the animal believing it to be a normal polar bear. Officials took interest in the creature after noticing that it had thick, creamy white fur, typical of polar bears, as well as long claws; a humped back; a shallow face; and brown patches around its eyes, nose, and back, and having patches on one foot, which are all traits of grizzly bears. If the bear had been adjudicated to be a grizzly, he would have faced a possible CAN$1,000 fine and up to a year in jail. – Wikipedia


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