Anxious Noises

19 Jul

I’ve been wanting to write this relatively quick post since last Friday, so here goes:

If you’ve been near a television in the last few weeks, you’ve seen an ad for Inception. Despite the overplay of the commercials, I’m quite excited to see it – partially because it seems to have a great Movie Noise, which you can hear above.

(I poked around for a better version, I know I’ve heard it at the end of at least one of the spots, but there are a million ads to check, and my internet is still limping.)

As far as Movie Noises go, it’s pretty fantastic, probably better than the Silent Hill Siren:

– although not quite as good as the Jason-noise:

Still, for my money, there’s no single more terrifying or superior Movie Noise than the slamming from The Entity.

(Starts at 55 seconds.)


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