Call Gamera

4 Jun

Listen – I know this oil leak in the gulf sucks, but:

What if a cat 5 hurricane came sweeping through, carrying a funnel of oil over land? What if that funnel, in its rampage, ripped down some live powerlines, powerlines whose sparks ignited the towering Oil-iccane, turning it into a 150mph flame storm?

I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but if you think truckasaurus moves tickets…


Edit: Poop! Apparently XKCD had the same idea, although with less Truckasaurus and more alligators.


2 Responses to “Call Gamera”

  1. bmj2k June 5, 2010 at 01:53 #

    JOEL: Let’s go, Gamera!

    [music starts]

    ALL: Gamera! Gamera!
    Gamera is really neat.
    Gamera is filled with meat.
    We’ve been eating Gamera!

    TOM: Dr. Forrester is kind of a jerk,
    And Frank is really dumb, too.

    CROW: We have to take part in these lame experiments.

    JOEL: But do we complain?

    TOM: No!

    JOEL: No!

    CROW: Yes!

    TOM: Huh?

    So we hi-keeba all over the place–

    JOEL: –And talk of a thousand wonderful days.

    TOM: Everybody now!

    ALL: Gamera is really sweet,
    He is filled with turtle meat.
    Now we have Commercial Sign!

    • JRD Skinner June 5, 2010 at 12:44 #

      Haha, very nice!

      The kids are more familiar with Gamera and his adventures than Godzilla, mostly due to MST3k exposure. When they get back from camp, I’ll try to get an audioboo of them singing the Gamera song.

      ♫ We love you Gamera! ♪

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