Onward To Adventure and Gamy Meat

21 May

The new plan:

I’m going to lash together a number of office chairs, re-engineer some hockey sticks, and build myself a land-raft.

Then it’s off to live the life of a modern voyageur, roaming the highways and byways, scooping up roadkill for their pelts.

I should be able to sell the furs, and any rogue hubcaps I find, to meet my needs: food, WD-40 for the casters, and maybe a tarp for the rainy season.


One Response to “Onward To Adventure and Gamy Meat”

  1. Jessica May 21, 2010 at 10:12 #

    I think it would be more suitable to rig a large patio umbrella for the rainy season. But, it wouldn’t match the hat.

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