Women and Imps

20 May

I’ve noticed an odd advertising trend. It seems to me there aren’t any supernatural uber-beings trying to sell products to men. Why is this?

Maybe I’m approaching the question from the wrong direction: Why do advertisers feel a need to push products on women using the voice of a being that ought to be well beyond human comprehension? Do advertisers believe women to be more superstitious than men?

Why aren’t I turning on the TV to see Nazgûl attempting to sell me razors?

Listen, Money4Gold, Kar’Wick is ready and available, just give the word.

Kar'Wick, The Spider God


One Response to “Women and Imps”

  1. O-Pop May 20, 2010 at 11:22 #

    give me your gold or your souuulll.

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