Functional Friday

14 May

Flash Pulp

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a Functional Friday post, and I thought it might be interesting to throw some random Flash Pulp stats out there. (Or, interesting to me at least. Har.)

Episodes: 14

Script Word Count Total: 11,635-ish

Total Run Time: 1h 22m 35s

Most Downloads: #11 – Red Mouth’s Legacy Pt. 5 (Mostly due to Mr. Tom Merritt)

Least Downloads: #3 – The Downtown Couple

Shortest Episode: #12 – 04:16 – Red Mouth’s Legacy Pt. 6

Longest Episode: #6 – 08:43 – Mulligan Smith in The Trunk

I didn’t include our two newest episodes (Say It Ain’t So & Mulligan Smith and The Retired Man) in the popularity contest sections, as the last episode will likely always count as the least downloaded.

Tonight’s episode introduces the first science fiction regular to the cast, and next week should bring a three part Mulligan story.


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