Now In 3D

17 Mar

Bwana Devil in 3D

Until the technology reaches a level that doesn’t require socially awkward glasses, or cause migraines, it’s my personal belief that 3D TV and movies will continue to be a fad with re-occurring interest. This hasn’t stopped the current hype behind 3D televisions however, as the market is still jacked up on the high of successfully forcing everyone in America onto HD.

Still, last week I was poking around for info about Legend Films, the company that released the colourization of House On Haunted Hill. Colourization is a bit of a tough & seedy business – colourizers are sort of seen as the grave robbers of the entertainment industry – and maybe that’s why Legend decided it needed a new business plan: 3Derizing, er, 3Dimensioning, uh, Depthing…

They’ve decided they’re going to take old films and make them 3D.

Seriously, that’s a business now.

Friday The 13th Part 3 in 3DSomewhere, Ted Turner is cackling.


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