Disney Princesses (Yeah, and Maybe I’m A Chinese Jet Pilot)

17 Dec

Disney Wedding Rings

In Spring 2010 a new line of beautiful diamond engagement rings will be released from Disney. Each ring is inspired by one of the classic Disney Princesses.

The rings were designed by Kirstie Kelly who also designs corresponding Disney Princess wedding gowns for brides as well as bridesmaid dresses to go along with each brides dress.

Each engagement ring will have a matching wedding band. The current six rings that have been unveiled are for Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel and Belle. – Disney Dreaming


And the price list from Screencrave:

  • Jasmine: $5,160
  • Sleeping Beauty: $4,960
  • Belle: $4,220
  • Cinderella: $3,980
  • Snow White: $3,580
  • Ariel: $3,280

At that point I’d be demanding my half of the deal be a new diamond chain – FOR THE SAW I’D JUST ATTACHED TO MY FOREARM.


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